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Limousine Largo Restaurants

Gulf Coast PO' Boys

If you find yourself in Largo from out of town you may not know where you should go for a meal, Gulf Coast PO' Boys is the type of place you would have never even noticed let alone contemplated visiting. The real local heart and soul, not the widely publicized trendy spots that always pop up and close.

Roosterfish Grill

Forget about all about the big chain seafood chains and head over to Roosterfish Grill. They have better quality food and excellent service from start to finish. As a bonus, if you are their on a beautiful day you can enjoy your meal outside on their wonderful patio. You will not be disappointed.


Ambrosia is everything a neighborhood diner should be. They take their food seriously making it a wonderful place for breakfast or lunch, during weekdays they also take call-in and delivery orders. After a couple of visits you will realize you have become a regular and you won't mind it one bit.

Bruce's Chicago Grill

You can tell this place is authentic Chicago the second you lay eyes on it, the walls are floor to ceiling covered in Chicago memorabilia. If you like hot dogs, this is your kind of place. They serve up Red Hot Chicago Dogs, Vienna dogs, and Hebrew National, as well as Italian Beef, Corned Beef and Pastrami.